System Implementation

- System Analysis 

- Floor Management Development System (TPS)

- HR Systems

- Project Management

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Regulatory Management

- SQF Certification

- Label Declaration

- Standards and Procedures 

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Providing Solutions

Floor Development

- 8 Step Problem-Solving Method

- Maintenance Processes

- 5S Standardization 

- More... 

Employee Development

- HR Assessment and Development

- Employee Engagement

- TPM Systems Installation and Training

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Lean Manufacturing Solutions helps companies improve their bottom line by assessing the situation, identifying gaps, and implementing systems designed to bring out the best in people and companies. 

We are able to address issues from the simple to complex. With years of proven success, we are confident in our ability to help you achieve operational and safety excellence.  We understand that the workplace is more than a place to create a product, it is a place where men and women are trained and developed in order to meet their own needs as well as the companies. We drive continuous improvement of each employee through a time-proven system so that everyone flourishes and benefits from the company creating deep loyalty and high levels of trust. 

Lean Manufacturing Solutions helps manufacturing companies drive improved financial performance from operations utilizing Operational Excellence Strategies that are grounded in lean principles. Focusing on the development of the management team and workforce to ensure an environment of continuous improvement provides sustainability of the lean culture. Lean leadership is grounded in the relentless practice of developing the team to solve problems and mentor those around them. 

The lean assessment process is a great tool for operational diligence for mergers & acquisitions.  The LMS team can provide insight into the current operations, upside potential and on-going required capital investment.Type your paragraph here.