FMDS Employee Development

  • Coaching at the huddle
  • Leading by example - exhibit the practices and actions that we expect our shop floor leaders to exhibit


Classroom Training
  • 4 hour class room training:  high level understanding of concepts and  goals (establishing the foundation  for the company culture and educating the leaders  (at all levels)  the broad TPS/Lean Principles)

Lean Manufacturing Solutions offers multiple training formats to ensure that your employees are knowledgable and technically trained. Cloud based  & mobile training that is specific to your company ensures that your employees are being trained...

  • Training is created and published by you so it’s specific to your employees and companies needs
  • Training can be updated quickly and easily to reflect in changes in policy and become immediately available


  • Certifications can expire to ensure your employees are up to date on required training
  • The company admin has the ability to view and generate training reports


  • Employees are notified when they need to take training
  • Expiration times can be set so that employees have to complete the training within a specified time frame
  • Mobile ready- employees can download the app and conveniently complete training
Targeted Consistent Training
  • 15 minute (target of 3-5) regularly delivered training protocols - training is on demand and accessible from a Mobile device

TEchnical Training
  • Technical Training- Traditional education of technical aspects required for specific jobs: 

    • Electrical trouble shooting

    • Mechanical trouble shooting

    • Supervision

    • Leadership

    • HACCP

    • Better Process Control School​

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